Oreo’s New Playmate

After 7 months with our bunny rabbit Oreo, we’ve decided that he needs a bunny friend for more social interaction.  Although we give him a lot of human attention, there are stretches of the day (e.g. when we’re are work) where he’s all alone.  Since rabbits are social creatures, this isn’t great, and we think it’s actually been affecting his behaviour a bit.

So… enter bun #2.  We’ve been kicking the idea of getting a second bun around for at least a month now, and finally decided to do it.  We’d been watching the various pet shelters (mostly Ottawa Humane Society and New Moon Rabbit Rescue) to see if a bun came in that we liked.  There were definitely a few candidates, but we decided to go see Millie at the OHS yesterday.  She was surprisingly friendly with us right off the bat (even climbing up in our laps to check us out), and even let me pick her up without any fuss.  We talked to the adoption staff to get a better sense of her temperament, habits, etc, and decided that she would be a good fit, and filled out the initial paperwork and put down a deposit.

We set up a new dedicated pen area for her last night (OHS policy requires a 14-day quarantine / adjustment period from existing pets in the household — although in the case of buns it’s a good idea anyways since the bonding process takes time and you want to keep them separate at first), picked up all the new “stuff” (litter pan, water bottle, toys, hay hopper, etc) this morning, and picked her up this afternoon!

She was a little hesitant about getting into the pet carrier to leave OHS (given her history, kind of understandable), but once home she didn’t take too long to get out and explore her new space!  Here are some quick pics taken about an hour and a half after we got her home.  As you can see, she’s pretty comfortable in her new space already!







So far, she’s proving to be quite the little explorer!

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    one of my favorit animal on this planet. lol