Oreo’s Epic Habitat

So, something that I didn’t mention during my last post is that I came back from my hunting trip with another animal other than the moose.  The special thing about this one is that it’s still alive!

During one of our trips back into town for supplies, I went out shopping with my mom to get some dog food (among other things).  This meant going into various pet stores until we found someone that had stock on the stuff we were looking for.  One of these pet stores had an absolutely adorable rabbit for sale.   I snapped a cell phone picture of it and sent it to my girlfriend asking what she thought.   Long story short, I went back to the store later that day and bought it.    My mom kindly cared for it for the week that I headed back out for the rest of my hunting trip, then the rabbit came back home with me at the end of hunting (he didn’t much care for the 8-hour car ride though).

The rabbit included a cage when I bought him from the store, but it’s relatively small, and we wanted him to have a bit more room.   My girlfriend dug up some info about “NIC Habitats” (NIC stands for Neat Idea Cubes, which was the original brand name for the type of grating that we used) and we decided to build one for Oreo (the name of the bunny, after his white and chocolate brown coloring).

Several shopping trips, many hours of planning and assembling, some cursing and several hundred zipties later, we came up with this:

It’s 3 levels of bunny fun, with a ramp between ground level and the first platform.  We’re hoping that he’ll be able to learn to jump up to the second platform from the first, but if not, we have a plan to build some “steps” for him.   The whole thing is carpeted too, for better traction for him.   The enclosure is 42 inches on each side, giving him 12.25 square feet of space on the ground level, with the platforms giving him another 10.9 square feet!

The door swings open for both easy hopping in/out for Oreo, plus easy access for cleaning for us.  We’re going to come up with a locking mechanism later — for now we just hold the door shut with a ziptie when we want to lock him in.

Somewhat surprisingly, he seemed to settle right into his new bunny condo after a few minutes of snooping around.  He started doing his mini bunny flops and stretching right out almost right away.  He’s a happy little guy right now!

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    they’re look very cute ^.^ V