Another Year, Another Year of Hunting

My second post on this blog is also non-network-related.

My annual vacation consists of taking 2 weeks off to go into the middle of nowhere to hunt and spend time with my dad.   And by “hunt”, I mostly mean “sit in a hammock nowhere close to a computer and read books”, at least for me, but hey, that’s just semantics.

However, while I have little interest in waking up at 5:30AM during my vacation, my dad is a very avid hunter, and yesterday it paid off.  He came back to camp in the morning and said “I hit a moose.”    My immediate reply was “With what?” because I’m just funny like that.

Usually when a moose is hit with something like, say, an arrow, it runs away and eventually dies due to blood loss and what not, assuming you hit something vital.  This time was no exception, and my dad tells me that the moose ran off into some dense brush, and he heard it fall maybe a few hundred meters in, but he wasn’t sure exactly where.   I’m really, really good at tracking stuff, so I tell him I’ll come help find it.  We pack up and head out.

Long story short, we (OK, I) find the moose in fairly short order, and I’m utterly amazed:

Yes, that arrow is in its ass. There’s barely any blood evident (we found NONE while tracking it), yet here it is, dead (I approached cautiously in case it was, say, merely resting and EXTREMELY ANGRY).

Here’s a member of our hunting party expressing his surprise that a butt shot killed this thing:

Turns out that it’s a pretty nice little bull, probably 3-4 years old.  He’s got a beautifully colored rack on him!

And finally, a picture of me and my dad:

This little bull dropped in some pretty nasty bush, and it took us quite a while to get it out.   From the time we went in to get it until the time that we had it hanging in the garage was somewhere over 11 hours (including time for field dressing, quartering, transport, etc).   LONG day, let me tell you!

Since we switched to bow hunting about 5 or 6 years ago, this is our first successful moose hunt.  Bow hunting is a heck of a lot more challenging than rifle hunting, and requires a whole different approach.  With rifle, we used to fill our tags pretty much every year, and there was little challenge left — bow hunting has brought a whole new level of skill to it!

And if you’re wondering how an arrow in the ass killed a moose — it turns out that it hit just in the right spot to sever a main artery.  There was massive internal bleeding, and he must have dropped pretty fast.  A poor shot turned into a great shot just by pure luck, which is good because it’s infuriating as an ethical hunter if you ever merely wound an animal.

And now, back out to the hunt camp for more… sitting in a hammock and reading.   😉

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    Nadya says:

    Wow, it’s a huge moose you got there. wonderful.